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a€?what exactly do need for break fast?a€? Dad asked.

a€?what exactly do need for break fast?a€? Dad asked.

a€?i would like some motherfucking pancakes!a€?, The initial man exclaimed. Father smacks the little man and admonishes him for swearing and sends your back to their place.

Another kid enters into your kitchen and father once again requires what’s wanted for break fast. a€?Needs some motherfucking pancakes!a€?, another man stated. The guy in addition will get whacked and delivered back to their room, weeping.

Redneck relative makes your kitchen and father again asks what exactly is preferred for breakfast.

Redneck relative says a€?we dona€™t know, but I pretty sure as HELL dona€™t desire any motherfucking pancakes!a€?

15 Redneck Who Misunderstood The Trail Signal

There were some forests hillbillies residing throughout the lake from one another, just who feuded consistently. John disliked Clarence with a passion and never passed right up an opportunity to toss stones across the river at Clarence.

This went on consistently until eventually the Corps of Engineers came to create a bridge across that lake. John was actually elated; he told their girlfriend that finally he had been going to get the chance to cross over and whip Clarence.

He left the home and came back within just mins. Their girlfriend questioned that was wrong, performedna€™t he plan to look at the connection and whip Clarence

The guy replied that he never really had really seen Clarence in close proximity and performedna€™t realize his dimensions until he going across the connection and noticed the sign: a€?CLEARANCE 8 FT 3 INa€?

16 Two Redneck Hunters Traveling In Helicopter

Two redneck hunters had gotten a pilot to travel them to the much north for elk looking.

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